Private Property Auctions


Real Estate Purchase

Our agency, that has been operating in the area for over 20 years, has acquired over time the necessary training and experience to be able to offer its customers a new service called “PRIVATE AUCTIONS” where the PURCHASE OF A REAL ESTATE happens via an offer in a closed envelope which is then open before a Notary that guarantees the transparency of the procedure.
This system, once used by the Anglo-Saxon countries and synonymous of transparency, safety and quick sale, is now put at your disposal by A&G Real Estate Agency.


• to speed up the sale;
• to reduce the portfolio of the properties for sale;
• to sell the property in the best way , avoiding a forced sale;
• reasset liquidity:


1) Each property has its own binding regulations deposited with the Notary.

2) The Notary shall ascertain that there are no formalities prejudicial to the sale of the property

3) The real estate agent will explain the functional and aesthetic characteristics of the property in a data sheet, freely accessible by anyone.

4) The procedure is extremely fast and safe: in fact the opening of the envelopes in the office of the Notary is fixed within a period of 6 to 18 days from receipt of offers.

5) The auction happens in case of more offers , with the control and the presence of a Notary Public.

6) The property can be visited upon appointment to be fixed with a real estate agent of A&G Company.

7) The procedure chosen by the owner to sell his property through “PRIVATE AUCTION” is as follows:

• AUCTION SALE WITH BASE: The price offered in the closed envelope can not be lower than the price of the auction, but offers must be higher and duly regulated in the Regulation of sale called “NOTICE OF SALE PRIVATE AUCTIONS” available for each property, published by A&G Realty and deposited with the Notary.

8) The confidentiality of the procedure is absolute ;in fact the identity of the seller is not announced until the day of the auction.

The procedural steps are the following:

1) Arrangement of the Assignment

• The Seller accepts the service by signing the Exclusive Brokerage Assignment with A&G Company; he/she should delivery all necessary documents of the property even after the signing but within 10 days. Upon receipt of the documents, the Practise is instructed and forwarded to the Notary and to the encharged Surveyor.

2) Checks and Publication of the Property

• The encharged “Notary” will ensure that there are no formalities prejudicial for the sale of the property”, releasing its “clearance to sell” , known as “Notarial Preliminary Report.”

• The “Expert” in charge carries out the necessary checks “Cadastral” and “Urbanistic” releasing a comprehensive “Technical Report”.

• The promotion/advertisement will start only upon approval of Notary and Surveyor; the properties will be advertized in dedicated portals, in the website, in addition to planned marketing activities.

3) Opening of the envelopes at the Notary’s office

• In the agreed day of the private auction , at the Notary’s office, the envelopes will be open in front of the Seller and / or his legal representative, and the buyer and / or his legal representative.

The auction will end with the award of the property in favor of the highest offer, the award confirmed by a “Statement of Award” prepared by Notary. The Award will be concluded with the signing of a Preliminary and / or Notary Deed.