Sale Prestigious Villas in Marche – Italy

Sale prestigious villas in Marche

Le Marche is perhaps the most picturesque region of Italy.

Located on the East Italian coast, sandwiched between the Appenines and the Adriatic sea, there are for sale prestigious villas in Marche.

In the Marche the coastline of 180 kms consists of some of the best Italian beaches. In general, le Marche has a typical Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot dry summers. The best Le Marche beach region is near Ancona, the completely unspoiled nature reserve of Monte Conero, known in Italy as “Riviera del Conero”.

Purchase one of the sale Prestigious villas in Marche means to live in a wonderful region.

Visiting the area you can appreciate the sunshine, the rolling green hills of Marche which are sparsely habit-ed, enjoy the tranquility, with the Adriatic sea and mountains nearby.

Visit a region full of culture, art, history and tradition, still visible in the numerous medieval towns and villages

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